Sunshine Coast

Here are some possible pine trees on the coast and off. I’ll update this page as i find them.  I haven’t checked them all out in terms of quality of needle, so if you have any comments if you go see them, add them here.

On Highway just past canadian tire:



461 Abbs road

this tree is in the back yard, so would need a knock on the door to see if it’s possible to pick from. I walked by, and you could go straight to it via the car port.



Gibsons way. It’s in a front yard, behind a fence so not sure how possible it will be, again knock on the door and who knows.



this one at 308 Harry might be an easy pick



this one below is in a retirement community, they have a walking area for the residents. I’ve seen the tree from a friend’s place on oshea, so might be worth investigating.


I was in contact with someone who runs the botanical gardens in sechelt.  

I went on a visit, and tho there aren’t any longer leaf pine trees, there is a hole bunch of austrian pine trees. She’s totally open to anyone coming to pick. They are shorter for sure, but the color is lovely and there’s tonnes to pick from. There’s a huge one by the entrance of the building, and a whole field in front .




at the horseshoebay terminal, great for picking. Needles aare a little dull, but they’d be good for dyeing, and think if you picked often and only from top layer you’d get better color.

horshoebay terminal

horshoebay terminal2


false Creek there are several trees along the seawall walk from false creek to granneville island. most are closer to granville island


was searching on street view, look at that great tree!