I plan to develop this page as i have more recommendations to add.

Basket Making Supplies

  • One of the first stops on your basket making journey has to be Nadine‚Äôs Basket Supplies. She sells high quality products, at a reasonable price. I personally love her waxed linen threads, and the walnut slices for basket bottoms (or tops!). I’ve also ordered the two CD’s she has done, and find them invaluable in terms of how well she breaks things down when she shows you how to create simple to complex baskets.

Beading Supplies

Am personally a fan of adding a variety of beads to my baskets, so here’s a growing list of beading supplies

  • If you are ever in Santa Cruz, make a pit stop at Paradise Beads (they don’t have a website). It’s a super little shop, with all sorts of treasures. The owner goes to estate sales and gathers up vintage beads, as well as having a good supply of new beads on hand.
  • Shipwreck Beads (online store), seems to have a great selection of super cheap beads. Some of the super cheap beads that i ordered were a little cheezy so not sure i’ll use them, but think with a better understanding of sizes, and product it’s a great resource that doesn’t break the bank.