Pine Needle Basket Resources

Basket Making Supplies

  • Royalwood threads – This is where I purchase all the waxed linen threads I use. The best pricing comes if you order over $100, then you can get whole sale pricing.

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  • Facebook Group: The Art of Pine Needle Basketry – A great facebook group, it’s a closed group so you have to ask to join. If you post some pictures of your baskets on your own facebook page so they see you are a valid crafter they will allow you to join. It’s a great resource, as well as wonderful inspiration

Beading Supplies

Am personally a fan of adding a variety of beads to my baskets, so here’s a growing list of beading supplies

  • If you are ever in Santa Cruz, make a pit stop at Paradise Beads (they don’t have a website). It’s a super little shop, with all sorts of treasures. The owner goes to estate sales and gathers up vintage beads, as well as having a good supply of new beads on hand.
  • Shipwreck Beads (online store), seems to have a great selection of super cheap beads. Some of the super cheap beads that i ordered were a little cheezy so not sure i’ll use them, but think with a better understanding of sizes, and product it’s a great resource that doesn’t break the bank.